Adjust Mounting Tab & Bulb Base

Adjust The Mounting Tab:

Check if the LED bulbs are sitting at the right orientation after you install the bulb. (Please refer the Bulb Orientation Guide for details). If the bulbs are not in the correct orientation, you can adjust the mounting tab to correct the orientation. 

  • Before adjustment, please take a note of the angle for adjustment. 
  • Mark a line on the bulb body and the collar where the screw hole is, as the index for adjustment. 
  • Use the allen key supplied  to loosen the set screw on the collar. (NOTE: Slightly loosen the set screw. Leave the screw inside.) 
  • Turn the mounting tab to the correct angle. 
  • Then tighten the set screw.

Adjust The Bulb Base: 

The L1 Series LED Bulbs have a unique bulb base design with aluminum fins on one side of the bulb. Please find the Benefit of The L1 Series Bulbs. 

To install the L1 bulb in tight space inside, you need to adjust the direction of the cooling fins towards the most spacious space inside the headlight housing. To adjust the fins: 

  • Use the allen key supplied to loosen the set screw on the bulb base. (Note: slightly loosen the set screw. Leave the screw inside.) 
  • Slightly turn the fin 15° clockwise. If you are not sure if the fins are turned in position, simply check whether the two screw holes on the collar and the heat sink are aligned. 
  • Tighten the screw.
  • Now bend the fins forward and you are ready to install the bulb inside the housing. 

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