Select Correct Harness and Accessories For Install


If you're installing an LED kit in a vehicle equipped with PWM (pulse-width-modulation) headlight technology. The Anti-Flicker Harness is required to eliminate the flicker of the headlights.

Newer vehicles use PWM technology to increase bulb-life and reduce fuel consumption by sending a pulse of alternating voltages to the headlight bulb, as opposed to a stable 12V. Factory installed incandescent or halogen bulbs can handle this pulse system, as they won't dim before the next pulse of power is received. However, an LED kit or HID kit requires constant power and will flicker if installed in a vehicle with a PWM headlight system. The Anti-Flicker Harness is designed to ensure that your headlights don't flicker, and eliminate "lamp-out" error codes.

For example, 2009 and newer Dodge Ram trucks all use PWM to control their headlights, and in some instances the fog lights also. Some vehicles even use PWM technology to control reverse lights and other signal lights around the vehicle. It is also common to see a PWM style CANBUS system used in Jeep Wrangler, Ford Focus and the new Chevrolet trucks, and more.

Simply plug the PWM module into the vehicle headlight connector and plug the other end into the LED headlight system.


Modern vehicles use Canbus System onboard to control and monitor your vehicle’s headlights. When you replace the stock incandescent light bulbs in your fog lights or headlights you might run into an issue with the vehicle’s lighting computer thinking there is a problem, such as:

  • If you have a bulb out error on the dash,
  • LED bulbs work on and off intermittently.
  • Light shut off shortly after the headlights or fog lights are turned on.

If you have these symptoms consider trying the HD Load Resistor Harness. Go Performance’s Heavy Duty Load Resistors may do the same thing as a cheap golden resistor, but they’ll stay cooler, last longer, and look better. These Heavy Duty Load Resistors are perfect for your LED headlight and Fog Light retrofit.They are running below 200°F. It won’t burn or melt any plastic parts.

*They still need to be wired outside your dust cover to avoid eccessive heat close to your LED headlight bulb.


LED system can only work at about 9V. When your headlights (high or low beam filament) share as the Day-Time Running lights, they are normally run on lower voltage, so the lights are dimmed during the day. In very rare cases, when the day-time running light gets a very low voltage. Then the whole LED system won't turn on. However, when the voltage is just below 9V, your lights will turn itself on and off very quickly with the voltage change at the borderline of 9V. 

The Low Voltage Driver is designed to boost the low voltage to an operational voltage for the LED system to work properly. To install the Low Voltage Driver, please replace the Low Voltage Driver with the existing LED driver that comes with your LED conversion kit. If your existing system requires extra harness (Anti-Flicker Harness or Load Resistor Harness), you will still need to connect the harness to the Low Voltage Driver. 

Extension Wire Harness & Replacement Dust Cover:

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