The high beam of 9007 or 9004 LED bulb is not focused, what should I do?

In the 4th quarter of 2017, we've upgraded the 9007/9004 LED bulb optic design in order to solve the problem of the scattered high beam. The original halogen bulb has two filament side to side, while our LED bulb has two sets of LED chipsets one after each other. If you have one of the old 9007/9004 bulbs and you have scattered high beam, we can help you to exchange them  for  our upgraded products. Please submit a request here:

In the previous T1 9007/9004 bulb design, the high beam chipset is aligned after the low beam chipset. 

The upgrade 9007/9004 bulb has the high and low chipset aligned side by side. 

Previous X1 9007/9004 bulb:

The upgrade X1 9007/9004 bulb:

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