My light flickers at DRL mode, after I install the anti-flicker harness.


  • Anti-flicker harnesses are installed.
  • The lights still flicker, but only during the day at DRL mode. 


LED system can only work at about 9V. 

When your headlights (high or low beam filament) share as the Day-Time Running lights, they are normally run on lower voltage, so the lights are dimmed during the day. 

In very rare cases, when the day-time running light gets a very low voltage. Then the whole LED system won't turn on. However, when the voltage is just below 9V, your lights will turn itself on and off very quickly with the voltage change at the borderline of 9V. 


Install the Low Voltage Driver.  The Low Voltage Driver is designed to boost the low voltage to an operational voltage for the LED system to work properly. 

To install the Low Voltage Driver, please replace the Low Voltage Driver with the existing LED driver that comes with your LED conversion kit. If your existing system requires extra harness (Anti-Flicker Harness or Load Resistor Harness), you will still need to connect the harness to the Low Voltage Driver. 


We have the following part number available. 

  • X1 Series Low Voltage Driver for H13 Bulb: 97131LV
  • X1 Series Low Voltage Driver for 9005/9006/9012 Bulb: 97951LV
  • L1 Series Low Voltage Driver for H13 Bulb:96131LV
  • T1 Series Low Voltage Driver for 9005/9006/9012 Bulb: 96951LV


The Low Voltage Drivers are running at a higher temperature than a normal LED driver. Please try to avoid installing the low voltage driver in a sealed headlight with dust cover. You can wire the driver outside the dust cover using the Sealed Headlight Wiring System (Replacement Dust Cap + Extension Harness)

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