My light flickers on DRL mode after I install the anti flicker harness

Many vehicles operate their headlights at a lower voltage to act as a daytime running light (DRL) and if you’re using aftermarket HID or LED headlight bulbs this can cause major issues!

The idea behind the DRL is that it is a safety feature for daytime driving. It adds to the visibility of your vehicle for other drivers. A DRL is a light that is dimmer than your normal headlight operation and sometimes uses your headlight bulbs to function. It does this by dimming the original halogen bulbs in a few different methods: 

1: Dimming by resistance: If you have a resistance DRL (like many Subaru vehicles) a lot of times you can unhook the DRL resistor module and completely bypass your DRL system. 

2: Dimming by using PWM: If the vehicle uses a PWM circuit to dim your lights for the DRL function it means it’s flashing voltage to the light bulb circuit so fast that it dims the halogen bulb but the flashes are still too quick to be visible by the human eye. You solve this type of DRL problem with a PWM module. 

3: Dimming by voltage reduction: If your vehicle simply steps down the voltage from 12V DC to 6V DC, 7V DC or lower, the T2 Series LED Bulb would be your choice because it is designed to function at these levels. 

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